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Lecture / discussion: 1 session / week, 2 hours / session




This course provides broad exposure to research in biophysics and physical biology, with emphasis on the critical evaluation of scientific literature. Weekly meetings include in-depth discussion of scientific literature led by various MIT faculty on active research topics. Each session also includes a brief discussion of non-research topics including effective presentation skills, writing papers and fellowship proposals, choosing scientific and technical research topics, time management, and scientific ethics.


Reading questions on the weekly assigned paper are due at 9 AM before the corresponding discussion. Reading questions are answered via the course website, and should require only a few sentences each.

In addition, there will be a two-page research proposal due that will be followed by an in-class critique with your peers. While the research proposal will be modeled on the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program proposal, other fellowship programs are also acceptable.


Grading is based on in-class participation, weekly reading questions, and the research proposal.

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