20.450 | Spring 2005 | Graduate

Molecular and Cellular Pathophysiology (BE.450)

Lecture Notes


DS = Prof. David Schauer
AR = Dr. Arlin Rogers (Files are presented courtesy of Dr. Rogers and used with permission.)

1 Introduction to 20.450 and HCC DS  
2-3 Cellular Pathology DS

Cellular Adaptations, Cell Injury, and Cell Death (PDF)

Liver Regeneration (PDF)

4-5 Inflammation DS Inflammation (PDF)
6 Liver Anatomy and Histology AR Liver Anatomy and Histology (PDF)
7-9 Immunity DS

Immunity (PDF)

Hepatitis Virus Immunity (PDF)

10 Neoplasia DS Neoplasia (PDF)
11 Neoplasia (cont.) DS  
12-13 Infectious Diseases DS

Infectious Diseases (PDF)

14 Liver and Biliary DS  
15-16 Hepatocarcinogenesis DS Hepatocarcinogenesis: Chemical Models (PDF)
17-18 Animal Models AR

Chronic Viral Hepatitis: Human Disease and Animal Models (PDF)

Sexual Dimorphism in the Liver (PDF)

19-22 Special Topic DS Strategies for Prevention of HCC (PDF) (Courtesy of Megan McBee. Used with permission.)

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