21A.00 | Spring 2022 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Anthropology


Session 1: Overview of Class

Session 2: The Problem of “Human Nature” (Plus Introductions)

Session 3: Highlands Trilogy, Part 1

Screening: First Contact. Directed by Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly. Color, 58 min. 1982.

Session 4: Cross-cultural Contact

Commentary paper due

Session 5: Highlands Trilogy, Part 2

Screening: Joe Leahy’s Neighbours. Directed by Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly. Color, 90 min. 1989.

Session 6: Human Origins and Social Evolution

Commentary paper due

Session 7: Ethnographic Methods and Participant Observation

Commentary paper due

Session 8: Highlands Trilogy, Part 3

Screening: Black Harvest. Directed by Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly. Color, 90 min. 1992.

Session 9: Politics and Ritual

Commentary paper due

Session 10: Feels Good Man

Screening: Feels Good Man. Directed by Arthur Jones. Color, 92 min. 2020.

Session 11: Ritual and Expressive Culture

Commentary paper due

Session 12: Presentations (1)

Session 13: Presentations (2)

Research paper 1 due: Ritual Ethnography (4 pages)

Session 14: Can Rituals Be Designed?

Session 15: Ritual Workshop I: The “Ritual Design Toolkit”

Commentary paper due

Session 16: Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology Field Trip

Session 17: Representing and Displaying Culture

Commentary paper due

Session 18: Bored in Heaven

Screening: Bored in Heaven. Directed by Kenneth Dean and Cora Dean. Color, 80 min. 2011.

Session 19: Ritual Workshop II

Commentary paper due

Session 20: Guest: James Shen, Principal, People’s Architecture Office

Session 21: City as Theater

Commentary paper due

Session 22: Nomadland

Screening: Nomadland. Directed by Chloé Zhao. Color, 107 min. 2020.

Session 23: Uncertainty, Precarity, Futurity

Commentary paper due

Session 24: Ritual Workshop III: Final Plans and Prototypes

Session 25: Ritual Performance

Session 26: Ritual Workshop IV: Ritual Performance

Ritual portfolio due (4 pages)

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