21A.231J | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Gender, Sexuality, and Society

Lecture Notes

This section features lecture notes for the entire semester. They relate directly to the assigned readings.

Lec # Topics
1 Introduction to the Study of Gender and Sexuality: The Sex/Gender System (PDF)
Part I: Concepts and Themes
2 Is Sex to Gender as Nature is to Culture? (PDF)
3 Cultural Acquisition of Gender as Learned Behavior (PDF)
Part II: Gender as a Social Institution
4 Arranged Marriage and Inheritance in Agricultural and Pastoral Societies (PDF)
5 Science, Republicanism and The Woman Question (PDF)
6 Social Reproduction: Reproducing Formal and Informal Class Relations (PDF)
7 Women in the Global Economy (No Lecture)
8 Gender, Work and Professionalization (PDF)
9 Gender and Agency (PDF)
10 Appetite, Image, Control (PDF)
Part III: Gender and Sexuality as Identity
11 The Invention of Sexuality-based Identities (PDF)
12 Coming Out and Leaving the Closet Behind (PDF)
13 Other Genders/Sexualities (PDF)
14 Transvestite Lives and Sex Work (PDF)
15 Transgender and Transexualism in the U.S. (PDF)
16 Intersexuality (PDF)
17 Do Western Sexual Identities Travel? (PDF)
18 Sexism, Racism and Violence (PDF)
Part IV: Reproductive Politics and Gendered Citizenship
19 De-essentializing Sex/Gender/Kinship (PDF)
20 Fetal Images and Abortion Debates (PDF)
21 Nationalism, Reproductive Politics and Gender (PDF)
22 Making Modern Mothers (PDF)

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