This page contains photo and movie assignments for each class session. Full citations for all photo sources are listed below.

1 Introduction

“A Day in the New York Times.” Selections from The New York Times, December 30, 2007. ( PDF)

“Very Brief History of Photographic Technology.” ( PDF - 9.3MB)

2 The power and ambiguity of photography

“Schools and Phases in Photographic Art.” ( PDF - 9.3MB)

Selections from The Photographer’s Eye. ( PDF - 9.2MB)

3 Looking at faces

“The Afghan Girl.” ( PDF)

“19th Century Portraits and Society.” Selections from Beautiful and Damned. ( PDF - 3.4MB)

“20th Century Portrait Photography.” Selections from Theatre of the Face. ( PDF)

“Physiognomy.” Selections from New Physiognomy. ( PDF)

“Faces and Expressions: the Criminal and Insane.” Selections from Beautiful and the Damned and Beauty of Another Order. ( PDF 1 of 2 - 9.6MB) ( PDF 2 of 2 - 2.6MB)

“August Sander, German Portraits.” Selections from Men Without Masks. ( PDF)

4 Snaps/albums/postcards/
itinerants, everyday photography and people’s lives

“American Snapshots.” Selections from Art of the American Snapshot. ( PDF)

“American Postcards.” Selections from Real Photo Postcard Guide. ( PDF - 1.9MB)

“French Family Snapshots as Art.” Selections from The Boyhood Photographs of J. H. Lartigue. ( PDF - 4.4MB)

“Royal Snaps.” Selections from Queen Alexandra’s Christmas Gift Book and p. 548 in Lenman, Oxford Companion. ( PDF - 5.8MB)

“A Professor’s Family Pictures.” Selections from Prof. Howe’s personal collection. (Images unavailable.)

“A Lebanese Portrait Studio.” Selections from Hashem El Madani and Mapping Sitting. ( PDF)

“Guatemalan Itinerant Photographers.” Selections from Los Ambulantes. ( PDF)

“Memento Mori: Recording the Dead.” Selections from Forget Me Not. ( PDF - 1.9MB)

“Jewish Memorial Books.” Selections from From a Ruined Garden. ( PDF)

Movie: “Photo Wallahs.” David and Judith McDougall, 1992.

5 Truth and deception

“Spirit Photography.” pp. 20-23, 29-34, 73-78, and 92-94 in The Perfect Medium and p. 308 in Houdini. ( PDF - 9.9MB)

“Disappearing Commissars.” Selections from The Commissar Vanishes.

Movie: “Telegrams from the Dead.” Directed by Rocky Collins. The American Experience. PBS, 1994.

6 Advertising photography and gender

“Gender in Advertising.” Selections from Gender Advertisements. ( PDF)

“Fashion Photography.” Selections from Elle, February 2007. (Images unavailable.)

7 Photographing the Great Depression

“Documenting the Depression.” Selections from Documenting America. ( PDF 1 of 2 - 9.8MB) ( PDF 2 of 2 - 9.5MB)

Selections from Roll Jordan Roll. ( PDF)

Selections from You Have Seen Their Faces. ( PDF)

Selections from An American Exodus. ( PDF - 7.7MB)

Selections from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. ( PDF - 8.4MB)

Selections from Land of the Free. ( PDF - 2.4MB)

Selections from Fruit Tramps. ( PDF)

8 Imperialism and photography

“Pictures from the National Geographic.” Selections from issues from the 1930s, 1950s, and the modern day. ( PDF)

Selections from Martín Chambi. ( PDF)

Selections from The Vanishing Race. ( PDF - 9.9MB)

Selections from Last of the Nuba. ( PDF)

9 Muck-raking, advocacy, and propaganda

“Muckraking.” ( PDF - 1.1MB)

“Slaves and Prisons.” Selections from “ Africa’s Children: Struggles of Youth.New York Times, October 29, 2006.

Selections from Death in the Making. ( PDF)

“Environmental Propaganda.” Selections from This is the American Earth and The Hand of Man on America. ( PDF)

Selections from House of Bondage. ( PDF)

“Minamata.” Selections from Minamata. ( PDF)

Selections from Living with the Enemy. ( PDF)

“Genocide in Paraguay?” Selections from The Indian Peoples of Paraguay. ( PDF)

“Sebastião Salgado.” Selections from An Uncertain Grace. ( PDF)

“Death Camp Guards Have Fun.” Selections from Wilkinson, Alec. “ Picturing Auschwitz.” New Yorker, March 17, 2008. ( PDF)

Movie: “The Other Half Revisited.” Pacific Street Films, 1998.

10 Photographing people’s lives: photo-essays and photo-ethnography

“Trobriand Islanders.” Selections from Malinowski’s Kiriwina. ( PDF - 1.9MB)

Selections from Balinese Character. ( PDF)

“The Grand Valley Dani.” Selections from Gardens of War and New Guinea Photographs, 1961. ( PDF)

Selections from The Edge of the Forest. ( PDF)

“Mourning in Greece.” Selections from The Death Rituals of Rural Greece. ( PDF)

“Weaving in Chiapas.” Selections from Weaving Generations Together. ( PDF)

“Indigenous Photography: Corn.” Selections from Ixim; Maíz; Corn. ( PDF)

Selections from My Little Sister Cristina. ( PDF)

“Preparing a Photo-ethnography.” Selections from Prof. Howe’s collection. (Images unavailable.)

Selections from “Pamplona Bullfight.” ( PDF)

Selections from “ A Country Doctor.” ( PDF)

Selections from “ Spanish Village.” ( PDF)

11 Looking at pictures, thinking about photography

“Photo-manipulation.” ( PDF) (Used with permission.)

12 War and suffering in the picture Movie: “ War Photographer.” Directed by Christian Frei. 2001.

Photo Sources

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