Lecture Notes

Part One: The Colonial Imaginary and Disciplinary Practices
1-4 Section One: Biopolitics, the Fetish, and the Colonial Imaginary (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF 3)

Lecture 1: Course Overview and Introduction

5-6 Section Two: Ecstasis and the Shock of Culture Contact (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
7-8 Section Three: Historical Ideologies of Sexuality, Race, and Madness (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
Part Two: Colonial Contexts of Medicine, Religion, and Politics
9-10 Section Four: Colonial Medicine in South Africa (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
11-13 Section Five: Race, Gender, Colonial Medicine, and the Construction of Disease (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF 3)
Part Three: Anthropological (Re)Constructions of “African” Religion, Healing and Embodiment
14-16 Section Six: Medical Pluralism in the Former Zaire (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF 3)
17-19 Section Seven: Culture, Morality, and the Senses in Ghana (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF 3)
20 Section Eight: Sensory Ethnography in Niger (PDF)
Part Four: Cosmopolitan Medicine, Race, Gender, and Inequalities
21-22 Section Nine: Religion, Medicine, and the Medical Pluralism in Haiti (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
23-24 Section Ten: Contemporary Psychiatry: Race, Gender, and the Mind (PDF)
25-26 Section Eleven: Fictions of Race, Gender, and Illness (PDF)

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Spring 2005