21A.550J | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

DV Lab: Documenting Science Through Video and New Media

Lecture and Lab Videos

This page presents selected videos of lectures and labs from a prior version of the course (Spring 2011).

Lecture Videos

Lecture 1: Introduction: Doing Science & Making Documentary Film

Lecture 2: Documentary and Ways of Seeing

Lecture 3: Science and Seeing

Lab Videos

Lab 1 Part 1: Introduction to the Camera

Lab 1 Part 2: Camera Tutorial and Shooting Exercises

Lab 2 Part 1: Review Lab 1 Footage; Film Grammar

Lab 2 Part 2: Introduction to Sound

Lab 6: Documenting MIT; Interviewing Techniques

Lab 10 Part 1: Introduction to Lighting (Lecture)

Lab 10 Part 2: Introduction to Lighting (Demonstration)

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