21G.019 | Spring 2005 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Communicating Across Cultures


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Introduction to Course and Each Other

Why Intercultural Communication Is Hard

2 Cultural Patterning and Variability  
3 Cultural Patterning and Variability (cont.) Cultural self-assessment assignment due
4 The Unique Relationship Between Culture and Communication  
5 Intercultural Interaction: Verbal Communication (With a Special Emphasis on Communication Between the Genders)  
6 Intercultural Interaction: Nonverbal Communication  
7 Intercultural Challenges  
8 Intercultural Communication Practices: Managing, Negotiating, and Persuading  
9 Intercultural Communication Practices: Teamwork  
10 Germany  
11 Germany (cont.) Book essay first draft due


Guest Speaker: Amy Kircaldy, Coordinator, MIT Mexico Program

13 Mexico (cont.)  
14 Arab Cultures  
15 Arab Cultures (cont.) Book essay final draft due
16 African Cultures  
17 Traditional African Cultures (cont.)  


Guest Speaker: Patricia Gercik, Assoc Director, MISTI
Managing Director, MIT-Japan Program

19 Japan (cont.)  


Guest Speaker: Shan-nan Chang, Director of Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston

21 China (cont.)  
22 The Annual 21G.019 Movie and Potluck Dinner  
23-25 Team Presentations Oral presentation and team report due
26 Wrap Up  

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