21G.053 | Spring 2014 | Undergraduate

Understanding Contemporary French Politics


The Settlement of the Fifth Republic (1958–1974)

Introduction. The Algerian War

  • What do you know about French politics? Why does it matter?
  • What is a discourse? From Malraux to Twitter!

2 The Imperial Presidency

Speech theme 1 due

Historical note 1 due

3 May 1968: A Moral Revolution?

Speech theme 2 due

Historical note 2 due

The Liberalization of the Regime (1974–1988)
4 A New Generation Historical note 3 due
5 The Socialist Era

Speech theme 3 due

Historical note 4 due

6 The Liberal Turning Point and the Cohabitation

Speech theme 4 due

Historical note 5 due

The Times of Crises (1988–Present)
7 Revisiting France’s Past Historical note 6 due
8 European Doubts

Speech theme 5 due

Historical note 7 due

9 Identities and the Nation

Speech theme 6 due

Historical note 8 due

Political statement draft version due

Are You The Future French President?
10 A New Political System? Historical note 9 due
11 Final Statement Political statement final version due
12 “Presidential Debate” In-class debate

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