Lecture Notes

Below are lecture notes associated with film topics discussed in the course.

Staudte, Wolfgang (1906-1984). The Murderers are Among Us. 1946. (PDF)

Schloendorff, Volker. The Tin Drum. 1979. (PDF)

Fassbinder, Rainer Werner. The Marriage of Maria Braun. 1978. (PDF)

Wenders, Wim. Wings of Desire. 1987. (PDF)

Trotta, Margarethe von. The Promise. 1993. (PDF)

Herzog, Werner. Stroszek. 1976. (PDF)

Adlon, Percy. Bagdad Café. 1988. (PDF)

Wolf, Konrad. I was Nineteen. 1968. (PDF)

Dörrie, Doris. Enlightenment Guaranteed. 2001. (PDF)

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