21G.101 | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

Chinese I (Regular)

Oral Report and Final Oral Interview

Guidelines for Oral Report—我的家人(jiārén: family members)

Method of Report

  1. Your presentation should be about 2–3 minutes long.
  2. You are to stand in front of the class. You may quickly look at your notes, but don’t read them.
  3. Feel free to bring a photo of your family.
  4. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about your family, please consult your teacher.

Roles of the Audience

One of the purposes of oral reports is to learn how to use Chinese to express your thoughts and engage in meaningful conversations with your classmates. Listeners will be required to ask the presenter one or two questions at the end. We are all in this process together.


Pronunciation / Tones 30%
Content 30%
Fluency 30%
Participation 10%

Useful Online Dictionary

Online Chinese-English Talking Dictionary

Use this online dictionary with caution. It is recommended to know how the words you need are properly used contextually by consulting your teacher or a native speaker.

Final Oral Interview Guidelines

[BSC] = Kubler, Cornelius C. Basic Spoken Chinese: An Introduction to Speaking and Listening for Beginners. Tuttle Publishing, 2011. ISBN: 9780804840156.

Materials Coverage: [BSC] Unit 1 to Unit 5


You are going to meet with your instructor individually for 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes are the oral interview and the last 5 minutes are allocated for feedback. The oral interview is composed of two parts – Q&A and role play. In the Q&A, you are expected to respond to your instructor’s questions accurately and fluently. The questions asked are all related to the topics covered from [BSC] Unit 1 to Unit 5. For example:

  • 请坐 / 請坐
  • 你叫什么名字? / 你叫什麼名字?
  • 你今年多大? / 你今年多大?
  • 你家有几口人? / 你家有幾口人?
  • 昨天晚上你做了什么? / 昨天晚上你做了什麼?
  • 今天几月几号? / 今天幾月幾號?

In the role play, you will be given a task (e.g. buy a train ticket at a ticket window in Beijing; have a casual conversation with your Chinese friend about family members, etc.) situated contextually and you are expected to complete a performance with your teacher.


While we understand that there are many materials to review, we suggest you start with all the sentence patterns in each lesson, followed by going over the conversations and then the vocabulary. Remember, this is an Oral Interview, so always think about how you can use each pattern contextually.


Your grade consists of the following components:

Pronunciation / Tones 30%
Language Usage 30%
Fluency 40%

Last Words

The purpose of Final Oral Interview is to give you an opportunity to reflect and demonstrate what you can achieve with the efforts you have strenuously put into this course. We are confident that this will be a rewarding experience for you. So work hard, relax, and enjoy!

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