21G.222 | Fall 2002 | Undergraduate

Expository Writing for Bilingual Students

Study Materials

These writing guides are provided to help students in the completion of course assignments. See the syllabus section for more information on course assignments.

Writing Guides

General Guidelines: Clarity and Concision (PDF)
Correction Symbols (PDF)
Commas (PDF)
Transitions (PDF)
Citing Sources (PDF)
Language of Argument: Topic Sentences (PDF)
Analogy (PDF)
Academic Language (PDF)
Fragments (PDF)
Defining a Concept (PDF)
Coordination: Conjunctions (PDF)

Assignment Handouts

Audience (PDF)
Coordination: Practice (PDF)
Coordination and Subordination; Writing Interesting Sentences (PDF)
Writing Conclusions (PDF)
Clarity and Conciseness (PDF)
Citing Sources (PDF)
Eliminating Choppiness (PDF)
Argument: Use of the Conditional (PDF)
Adjective Clause Punctuation (PDF)
Verb tense trouble spots: Tense shifting in narrative (PDF)
“Surrogacy: A Gift, Not a Sale,” by Kathy Gianelli (PDF)
Fragments and Run-Together Sentences (RTS) (PDF)
Coordinate conjunctions (PDF)

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