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(Course Handouts Adapted from Janet Goodwin’s AP&TESL C213-Phonetics for Second/Foreign Language Education, UCLA)

Adjustments in Connected Speech ( PDF)

Common Intonation Patterns ( PDF)

Compounds ( PDF)

Discussion Gambit Index Cards ( PDF)

Duration of Epenthetic [t] in Polysyllabic American English Words ( PDF)

Giving Opinions and Agreeing/Disagreeing ( PDF)

Interactive Listening/Speaking Gambits ( PDF)

Intonation ( PDF)

Intonation and Meaning of Questions ( PDF)

Ordering Beverages ( PDF)

Positional Variation ( PDF)

Prominence ( PDF)

Sentence Stress and Rhythm ( PDF)

The Sound System of NAE ( PDF)

Vowels ( PDF)

Word Stress ( PDF)


Belluck, Pam, and Katie Zezima. “A Snow Deep and Deadly Leaves a Region in a Daze.” The New York Times, December 8, 2003. (Note how Bostonians say “park” and “car.”)

Kolsti, Nancy. “ Job Hirers Show Bias Against Regional Accents, Study Suggests.” (University of North Texas) 9, no. 11 (August 4, 2000).

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