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Checklist for Effective Proposals

An effective proposal will answer the key questions satisfactorily and conform to the reader’s expectations about format, contents, level of detail, and tone.

Can you make the following claims about your proposal?

  1. My proposal shows sensitivity to audience and purpose. This is reflected in the
    • Format
    • Amount of background information
    • Amount of technical detail
  2. My proposal has a strong introduction, including clear expression of
    • Context / background
    • Problem / question / hole
    • Objectives
  3. My proposal provides a detailed description of my approach (using future verb forms) that allows the audience to be confident in my competence.
  4. My proposal clearly states the benefits / expected outcomes as a result of my project.
  5. My proposal includes appropriate end material. If appropriate to the context, it could include a budget, a schedule, qualifications or references.
  6. My proposal demonstrates the accurate and appropriate use of
    • Persuasive language
    • Verb forms
    • Punctuation
    • Prepositions
    • Transitional and subordinating adverbs

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