21G.232 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Advanced Speaking and Critical Listening Skills (ELS)



Introduction to 21G.232/3

Introduction to impromptu speaking


Pronunciation workshop 1

Introduction to critical listening

Memo 1 (baseline memo) due

Speaking strategy


4 Job interviews: Guest MIT Careers Office
5 Pronunciation workshop 2

6 Interviews: Language for success

7 Mock interviews  
8 Pronunciation workshop 3  
9 Working in groups 1

Before Ses #11, watch Washington Week .

Please see study materials for the study sheet.

10 Impromptu group debate Memo 2 (progress memo) due
11 Working in groups 2: Washington Week

Before Ses #12: Meet in groups to view teaching videotapes/DVDs distributed to groups.

12 Interactive teaching

Before class: Meet in groups to view teaching videotapes/DVDs distributed to groups.

13 Guest speaker: Tips from MIT TA

Before this session, attend a class or seminar and take notes on the skill of the professor, TA or speaker.

Memo 3 (evaluation memo) due

14 Pronunciation workshop 4  
15 Presenting research 1

16 In-class assignment: Introducing speakers  
17 Presenting research 2

Memo 4 (progress memo) due

18 Pronunciation workshop 5  
19 Research presentation 3  
20 Explaining visual aids Visual aid assignment due
21 Research storyboards: Strategy for preparing presentations

Design three slides that demonstrate “best practice” to summarize your final research presentation. Bring hard copies to class.

22-24 Research presentations A, B, and C Presenting research assignment due
25 Student-led course wrap-up

Review materials and topics covered this semester.

Memo 5 (exit memo) due

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