21G.501 | Fall 2019 | Undergraduate

Japanese I

Interview Tests

There are two interview tests throughout the semester. Two students form a pair to participate in the test. Each interview test takes five minutes. Each interview test consists of two parts: the first part is Q&A. Each student will be asked various questions; and the second part is role play. The two students in the same team will perform a role play together.

To prepare these interview tests, review all the grammatical patterns and vocabulary from Lesson 1 through Lesson 3, keeping the following evaluation criteria in mind:

  • Accuracy (grammar and vocabulary)
  • Fluency and delivery (for example, speed, smoothness, pronunciation, intonation)
  • Communicative skills (for example, hesitation noise, echo question, sentence-final particles ね, よ, etc.)
  • Appropriateness (for example, formality)


  1. Your performance will be evaluated based on what YOU can demonstrate, not as a pair.
  2. No English during the interview (including English fillers)!

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