21G.502 | Spring 2020 | Undergraduate

Japanese II

Interview Test and Final Exam

Interview Test

  • You will be paired up with another student.
  • Each person will be asked various questions in the Q&A section and the two will perform a role play together.
  • Your performance in Japanese is evaluated based upon fluency, accuracy, pronunciation, intonation, communicative skills, and cultural appropriateness.
  • Try to use Japanese fillers such as えーと, あのー, そうですか, そうですね, そうですねえ, etc. as much as possible.
  • You are not allowed to use English during the interview.

Final Exam

  • Part I (35 minutes):

      (1) listening comprehension

      (2) vocabulary

      (3) grammar, particles, etc.

      (4) situational usage

  • Part II (15 minutes): reading comprehension

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