21G.716 | Spring 2005 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Contemporary Hispanic Literature


Teaching Groups

Each student will participate in a teaching group. The group will be responsible for generating thought questions to guide the class reading of the text at hand before that work is assigned. Students will have access to the archive of El País and can use the newspaper, books, journals, and on-line materials for presentations. In addition, the teaching group will lead discussion for that particular class. I will meet with the group to discuss the presentation before it is given. Power point presentations are often interesting to the class. If you use slides or any information from the internet, be sure to acknowledge your sources.

Student Presentations

During the spring of 2005, student presentations were recorded especially for OpenCourseWare. Below are links to the videos.  The video in this section appears courtesy of the student presenters and discussants (Mariana Baca, Gabriel Becerra, Joelle Brichard, Kendra Ann Bussey, Bridget Downey, Esteban Felix, Caitlin Johnson, Anna Konotchick, Josue Martinez, Jose Martinez, Alexandra Nelson, Daniel Nunez, Dayan Paez, Juliana Perez, Orlando Soto, Lucia Vielma, Armanda Valdes, Mary Williamson) and Prof. Resnick.

Video: (MP4 - 101 MB)

1 Presentación 1 0:00:00
2 Presentación 2 0:03:14
3 Presentación 3 0:08:05
4 Presentación 4 0:25:41
5 Presentación 5 0:41:22

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