21H.101 | Fall 2010 | Undergraduate

American History to 1865


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 2.5 hours / session

Syllabus Archive

The following syllabi come from a variety of different terms. They illustrate the evolution of this course over time, and are intended to provide alternate views into the instruction of this course.

Fall 2010, Pauline Maier (PDF)

Fall 2009, Pauline Maier (PDF)

Fall 2008, Pauline Maier (PDF)

Fall 2006, Pauline Maier (PDF)

Fall 2005, Pauline Maier (PDF)

Fall 2004, Pauline Maier and Merritt Roe Smith (PDF)


Attendance and Participation

Class attendance, completion of the readings by the class in which they will be discussed, and participation in discussions. Normally the class will discuss the assigned portion of the textbook and the issues it raises on Tuesday and the other readings assigned for the week on Thursday.


Completion of two papers, due in Week #4 and Week #11. Suggested topics based on assigned readings are listed on the Assignments page. Students can also write on other topics, particularly for the second paper, but must have the topics approved by the instructor before the date they are due. Papers should be about five to seven pages long. They must be typed, double-spaced, with adequate margins for comments and corrections. Any document-based research paper must include notes and bibliography, and all papers must provide page citations for direct quotations.


A midterm examination will be given in Week #7 and a final examination during finals week.

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