21H.105 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

American Classics


Group Papers

Students are expected to complete three papers of 4 to 5 pages based on the readings assigned for a specific week. Students will be divided into three groups. The members of each group will submit three papers, due at three-week intervals during the early part of the term. The papers of group I will be due on weeks 2, 5, and 8; of group II on weeks 3, 6, and 9; of group III on weeks 4, 7, and 11 (because there’s no reading for week 10). Papers must be turned in the first session in the week when they fall due. However, in week 3, when there is only one class, they can be turned in second session. Papers are usually graded and returned in second session, and those students asked to rewrite the papers should see the writing tutor as soon as possible thereafter. Rewrites need to be done before two weeks have passed and before the next paper is due.

Students sometimes find that they have a paper due in 21H.105 just when they have heavy obligations in other subjects. They can, of course, prepare their papers ahead of time. They can also exchange places with students in other groups. Such arrangements must, however, be announced to the instructor before the week in which the first paper is due, and they last for only one cycle.

Final Paper

Preparation of a final paper, roughly 10 pages in length, on a notable historical work that was not assigned as required reading. A list of possible topics will be provided, but students can propose others not on the list. However, topics not on the suggested list must be approved by the instructor on or before second session of week 10. The paper is due at the final meeting of the class in week 14.

All papers must be double-spaced, written in clear and correct English, and identify the source and page numbers of all direct quotations. Final papers must include footnotes or endnotes (or, where citations are drawn entirely or predominately from a single text, page citations within the text) and a bibliography. A “Guide” to notes and bibliographies for history papers is available in the study materials section.

Suggestions on Paper Topics (PDF)

The following document is an examplary final paper written by Zach Gazak. The paper appears courtesy of the author and is used with permission. (PDF - 1.1 MB)

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