21H.132 | Spring 2017 | Undergraduate

The Ancient World: Rome


Note: In the table below, S = Class Session; R = Recitation

S1 Introduction  
R1 Myth, Legend, History  
PART I: Early Rome
S2 Foundation Myths  
S3 Monarchy to Republic  
R2 Livy’s Early Rome  
S4 Social Conflict in the Early Republic  
PART II: The Growth of Rome
S5 The Conquest of Italy Paper #1 due
R3 Cause(s) of the Punic Wars  
S6 The Second Punic War: Hannibal in Italy        
S7 The Second Punic War: Scipio Africanus  
PART III: The Late Republic
R4 The Roman Constitution I  
S8 Consequences of Empire I: The Élites  
S9 Consequences of Empire II: Arming and Farming  
R5 Plutarch on the Gracchi  
S10 Civil War: Marius and Sulla  
S11 Pompey and the Special Command  
R6 Plutarch’s Sulla  
S12 From ‘Triumvirate’ to the Rubicon Paper #2 due
S13 Caesar Dictator  
R7 DEBATE: The Assassination of Caesar  
PART IV: The Augustan Principate
S14 The Roman Constitution II: Augustus and the Principate  
S15 Soft Power: Hearts & Minds of Augustan Rome  
R8 Augustus  
S16 The Emperor and the Élites  
S17 The Emperor and the Plebs  
R9 Tacitus’ Rome  
S18 High Politics: The Julio-Claudians to the Flavians Revision due
R10 Suetonius’ Imperial Portraits  
S19 Flavian Rome  
S20 Restoring Historical Artifacts  
R11 Roman Religion & the Imperial Cult  
S21 High Politics: From the Flavians to the Severans  
S22 The Roman Army  
R12 Roman Slavery  
S23 Domestic Life in Imperial Rome  
PART V: The Late Empire
S24 Crisis and Recovery: Diocletian & the Tetrarchy Paper #3 due
R13 Christians and Christianity: From Nero to Diocletian  
S25 Ending Roman History: From Constantine to Byzantium  
S26 Conclusion: Exam Preparation  

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