Primary Sources

Peter the Great

Gordon, Patrick. Passages from the Diary of General Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries: A.D. 1635–A.D. 1699. The Spalding Club, 1859. (Buddy of Peter the Great, leading general.)

Keith, James. A Fragment of a Memoir of Field-Marshal James Keith Written By Himself, 1714–1734. Edinburgh, 1843.

Korb, Johann Georg. Diary of an Austrian Secretary of Legation at the Court of Czar Peter the Great, Vol. 1. Translated by Count MacDonnell. Franklin Classics, 2018. ISBN: 9780342644209.

— — —. Diary of an Austrian Secretary of Legation at the Court of Czar Peter the Great, Vol. 2. Translated by Count MacDonnell. Palala Press, 2015. ISBN: 9781341178641.

— — —. Scenes from the Court of Peter the Great: Based on the Latin Diary of John G. Korb, a Secretary of the Austrian Legation at the Court of Peter the Great. Edited by Dr. F.L. Glaser. N.L. Brown, 1921.

Muller, Alexander V., trans. and ed. The Spiritual Regulation of Peter the Great. University of Washington Press, 1972. ISBN: 9780295952376.

Perry, John. The State of Russia, under the Present Czar. Benjamin Tooke, 1716.

Pososhkov, Ivan. The Book of Poverty and Wealth. Edited and translated by A.P. Vlasto and I.R. Lewitter. Stanford University Press, 1987. ISBN: 9780804713610. (Interesting thinker on social and economic events of early 18th century.)

Shafirov, P.P. A Discourse Concerning the Just Causes of the War Between Sweden and Russia: 1700–1721. Oceana Publications, 1973. ISBN: 9780379001624. (Rather dull work but with important implications on diplomatic history by close adviser of Peter I.)

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