Primary Sources

Political Philosophy

Berdyaev, Nikolas. The Russian Idea. Andesite Press, 2017. ISBN: 9781376214499. 

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Shragin, Boris, and Albert Todd, eds. Landmarks: A Collection of Essays on the Russian Intelligentsia—1909. Translated by Marian Schwartz. Routledge, 1977. ISBN: 9780918294005. (Important essays by the Vekhi group of mystical-religious-political thinkers in the late imperial period.)

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Za sto let (1800–­1896) Sbornik po istorii politicheskikh i obshchestvennykh dvizheniĭ v Rossii. In two parts: Compiled by V. L. Burtsev, with the editorial participation of S. M. Kravchinsky (Stepniak). Facsimile Publisher, 2015.

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