1 Class Introduction: Rome, the Mediterranean, and the Meaning of Europe
2-3 The Shape of Late Antiquity and the Barbarian Invasions
4-5 The Emergence of New Cultures, 600-750
7 The Split Between East and West
8-9 The Papal-Frankish Alliance and other New Powers
10-11 Charlemagne’s Heirs and other Disasters
13 More Invasions and the (Feudal) Search for Peace
14 Anglo-Saxon England and Ottonian Germany
15 Mid-term Written Evaluation
16-17 Feudal Governments at Work
18-19 Feudal Society at Work
21 The Solidification of Institutions of Government
22-23 The Power and Splendor of Monarchs
24 The Structure and Place of the Gothic Cathedral
26-27 The End of the Synthesis: Plague, War and Schism
28-29 One Historian’s take on all that

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