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1 Class Introduction: Rome, the Mediterranean, and the Meaning of Europe  
2-3 The Shape of Late Antiquity and the Barbarian Invasions

Rosenwein, Barbara. A Short History of the Middle Ages (SHMA). Broadview Press, 2001, Chapter 1.

Sources on the Germans. Andrea, Alfred. The Medieval Record (TMR). Houghton Mifflin, 1997, pp. 41-53.

4-5 The Emergence of New Cultures, 600-750 A Short History of the Middle Ages. Chapter 2.   
Sources on Theodoric, Clovis, Anglo-Saxon England and the Rise of Islam. The Medieval Record. pp. 54-68, 87-94, and 122-27.
7 The Split between East and West: (at least) Two Empires? Sources on Byzantium and Early Monasticism. The Medieval Record. pp. 73-80, and 99-118.
8-9 The Papal-Frankish Alliance and other New Powers

A Short History of the Middle Ages. Chapter 3.

Sources on the Carolingian Renaissance and the Contemporaries of Charlemagne. The Medieval Record. pp. 83-86, 95-98, and 136-52.

10-11 Charlemagne’s Heirs and other Disasters

Sources. The Medieval Record. pp. 153-162.

A Short History of the Middle Ages. Chapter 4.

13 More Invasions and the (Feudal) Search for Peace Sources on Viking Invasions (provided by Professor).   
The Medieval Record. pp. 165-176.
14 Anglo-Saxon England and Ottonian Germany The Medieval Record. pp. 176-185.
15 Mid-term Written Evaluation  
16-17 Feudal Governments at Work

A Short History of the Middle Ages. Chapter 5.

Sources on the Investiture Controversy and the Early Crusades. The Medieval Record. pp. 311-325, and 340-360

Moore, R. I. “The 11th Century in Eurasian History.” The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies. Vol 33, no. 1 (2003).   
[Professor will also provide selections from William, Ann and G.H. Martin, editors. Domesday Book. Penguin, 2003.]

18-19 Feudal Society at Work

Sources on the New Economy. The Medieval Record. pp. 234-38, and 246-59.

Sources on the New Learning. The Medieval Record. pp. 260-266, and 272-75.

21 The Solidification of Institutions of Government A Short History of the Middle Ages. Chapter 6.
22-23 The Power and Splendor of Monarchs

Sources on Henry II and St. Louis. The Medieval Record. pp. 297-310, and 329-34.

Sources on 13th century Culture. The Medieval Record. pp. 280-282, and 289-94.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux on the Jewish Problem.

24 The Structure and Place of the Gothic Cathedral Mark, Robert.  Light, Wind and Structure: The Mystery of the Master Builders. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1994, Chapter 4.
26-27 The End of the Synthesis: Plague, War and Schism

A Short History of the Middle Ages. Chapters 7 and 8.

Sources on Plague and 100 Years War. The Medieval Record. pp. 385-388, and 397-405.

28-29 One Historian’s take on all that Tuchman, Barbara. A Distant Mirror. Ballantine Books, 1987.

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