21H.331 | Spring 2016 | Undergraduate

Julius Caesar and the Fall of the Roman Republic


1 Introduction: Rome’s City-state Empire  
2 The Constitution of the Roman Republic  
3 Impact of Empire: The Elite and the Peasant-soldier  
4 Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus Short paper option 1 due
5 The Gracchi as Watershed  
6 Marius the ‘New Man’: Sallust’s Jugurthine War Short paper option 2 due
7 Marius, the Army, and the Politics of Land  
8 The Social War and the Unification of Italy  
9 Civil War I: Marius and Sulla Short paper option 3 due
10 The Dictatorship of Sulla  
11 Pompey and the Special Command  
12 Cicero Saves the Republic: The Conspiracy of Catiline  
13 The Three-headed Monster: Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar Short paper option 4 due
14 Caesar’s Conquest of Gaul  
15 The Urban Plebs and Publius Clodius  
16 Pompey the Great  
17 Civil War II: Crossing the Rubicon Topic proposal and outline for research paper due
18 The Roman Revolution  
19 Opposing Caesar: Cato & Marcellus  
20 Plutarch’s Caesar  
21 The Ides of March  
22 The Villain of the Piece: Marc Antony Research paper due
23 Civil War III: Antony and Octavian  
24 The Emergence of the Augustan Principate  
25 Fall of the Republic: Revolution, Crisis, Transformation  
26 Conclusion Revised research paper due

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