21H.380J | Fall 2013 | Undergraduate, Graduate
People and Other Animals

Things to Think About

Several of the lectures and readings have an accompanying set of questions for discussion and/or consideration.

1 Introduction No questions
2 Hunting Things to think About: Hunting (PDF)
3 Domestication and Breeding Things to think About: Domestication and Breeding (PDF)
4 Meat (or Not) Things to think About: Meat (or Not) (PDF)
5 Pets Things to think About: Pets (PDF)
6 Animal Experimentation Things to think About: Animal Experimentation (PDF)
7 Animal Protection Things to think About: Animal Protection (PDF)
8 No Class No questions
9 Animals and Invasion Things to Think About: Changes in the Land (PDF)
10 Animals and Infection No questions
11 Live Animals on Display No questions
12 Dead Animals on Display No questions
13 Studying Animals: Field Observation and Ethology Things to Think About: Field Observation and Ethology (PDF)
14 Animals and Imagination Things to think About: Animals and Imagination (PDF)
15 Final Presentations No questions
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