21H.402 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

The Making of a Roman Emperor


1 Introduction: Studying Roman Emperors  
2 The Emperors and Their Empire  
3 Suetonius’ Augustus  
4 Tacitus and Tacitus’ Augustus  
5 Tacitus’ Nero  
6 Suetonius’ Nero  
7 Reading the Written Emperor  
8 Warring images: Octavian, Antony, and Actium First paper due
9 Inventing Augustus  
10 Shaping Roman Values  
11 Golden Prosperity  
12 Making Augustan History  
13 Nero Makes a Spectacle of Himself  
14 Neronian Myth-making  
15 Nero Behaving Badly Second paper due
16 Nero’s Rome  
17 Making a Military Mockery  
18 Making Imperial History  
19 The Reel Nero: Viewing of Quo Vadis? (1951)  
20 Nero’s Christian Afterlife  
21 Mussolini’s Augustus Outline of final paper due
22 Syme’s Augustus  
23 Presentation and Discussion of Final Paper Topics  
24 Presentation and Discussion of Final Paper Topics (cont.)  
25 Viewing of I, Claudius (1976)  
26 Conclusion: Whose Emperors? Final paper due

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