21H.421 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Environmental History

Lecture Materials

Week 1 Introduction

Useful Word (and Date) List (PDF)

Handout: Kinds of Societies (PDF)

Week 2 The Columbian Exchange Useful Word List (PDF)
Week 3 Wilderness and Garden William Cronon’s Home Page
Week 4 The Disease Environment

Session 2: Paper 1 due

Useful Word List (PDF)

The Great Plague of London 1665

The Bubonic Plague, the CDC’s page on the Bubonic Plague.

Week 5 Science and Nature

Session 2: Trip to MIT Archives

Useful Word List (PDF)

Handout: Systema Naturae (PDF)

Handout: Of the Cat (PDF)

Handout: Bestiary and Natural History (PDF)

First Fleet Artwork Collection

Captain Cook Society

Week 6 Landscape and Agriculture

Useful Word List, Agriculture (PDF)

Useful Word List, Landscape (PDF)

Week 7 Industry and Demography

Session 2: Paper 2 due

Useful Word List (PDF)

Handout: The Shock of Industrialization (PDF)

Week 8 Conservation and Preservation Useful Word List (PDF)
Week 9 Preparation for research paper

Session 1: Paper 3 proposals due

Session 2: In class exam

Week 10 Poisoning and Environmentalism Rachel Carson Website

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