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Important Moments in Thérèse Raquin (Second Half)

  1. Their wedding night. How does this foreshadow the rest of the novel?
  2. Chapter 22: Analyze p. 123 from paragraph that begins: “Thérèse’s dry…” and the rest of the chapter. Specifically address the differences in Cecile’s and Laurent’s responses to the situation. Pay special attention to their physiological responses.
  3. Ch. 23, p. 131: How does this chapter end?
  4. Ch. 25, p. 140: A turning point—Laurent leaves his job. What is Thérèse worried about?
  5. Ch. 25, p. 141: Why had Laurent’s painting changed?
  6. Ch. 24, p. 144: They all look like Camille… Why did he have to stop painting?
  7. Ch. 28: Why did Thérèse and Laurent fight continually?
  8. Ch. 29: Mme. Raquin’s torture. Thérèse’s needs. What did Laurent fear?
  9. Ch. 30: What was Laurent’s obsession?
  10. Ch. 31: What is their new obsession?
  11. Ch. 32: Was their death expected? Why?

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