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Notes on Les Liaisons dangereuses Letters 147–End

Letter 147: Tourvel has returned to the convent where she was educated as a girl. Has stated she’d only leave there when she was dead. Delirious.

Letter 148: Danceny in love with Merteuil

Important letter—Letter 152: Why is Merteuil angry with Valmont? Why did she not remarry?

Important letter Letter 153: “as of today, I shall be your lover or your enemy.” (p. 337) He prefers peace and alliance.

Letter 155: Is Valmont sincere when he says “love is the only thing that can bring happiness?” (p. 341)

Letter 158: What is Valmont’s tone?

Letter 161: Tourvel to? Who is the “?”

Important letter—Letter 162: What is Danceny saying here?

Important letter—Letter 163: What is the outcome of the duel?

Letter 164: Rosemonde wants to pursue lawsuit against Danceny

Letter 167: Unsigned—whom do you think it comes from?

Important letter—Letter 168: Volanges tells of rumors about Merteuil

Important letter—Letter 169: What art has Danceny acquired in the course of the novel? Why does he enlist Rosemonde’s help?

Letter 173: Volanges suspects Cecile wants to become a nun because of Danceny

Important letter—Letter 174: What is Danceny’s decision?

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