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Notes on Les Liaisons dangereuses to Letter 22

  1. What do we learn about Cécile from the letters to Sophie?
  2. What do we learn about the relationship of Merteuil to Valmont?
  3. P. 14 “we are fated to be conquerors"…
  4. Why doesn’t Valmont want to seduce Cecile? Whom is he after?
  5. Tone of letter 5. Peeved? Not obeying her? Why?
  6. In letter 6 what is Valmont’s plan? Why?
  7. What is the importance of letter 9?
  8. Letter 10 gives us some crucial info: what is it?
  9. Letter 15: Viconte wants to “recant the pact” what does that mean?; what insight do we get from the Viconte’s letter?
  10. What is the challenge Merteuil gives the Viconte in letter 20?

What are some of the different attitudes towards religion expressed in these first chapters?

What does “Libertine” mean in this context? “Prude?”

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