21L.021 | Spring 2016 | Undergraduate



Below are a few samples of the Close Reading and Essay prompts. The remainder of the assignments pertained more closely to the research essay and/or writing concerns and were mainly derived from lectures and class discussions. The instructor allowed for some flexibility in terms of those prompts as a means to welcome student involvement and to accommodate different levels of writing.

Close Reading 1 (PDF) Two days after Session 2
Close Reading 2 (PDF) Session 4
Draft of Essay 1 (PDF) Session 6

Close Reading 3 (PDF)

Revision of first paragraph in draft of Essay 1

Session 8
Final version of Essay 1 Session 10
Close Reading 4 (PDF) Session 12
Close Reading 5 (PDF) Session 13
Draft of Essay 2 Session 14
Close Reading 6 (PDF) Session 15
Final version of Essay 2 Session 18
Close Reading 7 (PDF) Session 19
Close Reading 8 (PDF) Session 21
Draft of Essay 3 Session 22
Close Reading 9 (PDF) Session 24
Close Reading 10 (PDF) Session 26
Final version of Essay 3 One day after Session 27

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