21L.315 | Spring 2014 | Undergraduate

Prizewinners: Nobelistas


21L.315 In-Class Presentations

You will work in pairs to frame the discussion for one class day. First, together with your partner, prepare a brief handout with salient facts about the author, central themes, and provocative discussion questions for the class. The first team member will open the frame by introducing the handout and starting discussion off (5 minutes). The second team member will take notes on the discussion and summarize it at the end of class, hence closing the frame (5 minutes).

In the event that we have more class members than days for two-member-team presentations, we will have three-member teams on the first day a new text is introduced. The third member will start off the presentation by reporting on the Nobel Prize speeches (Presentation and Acceptance) for that author (5 minutes). You will find the speeches at the Nobel Prize website.

Note that if you present in class on the day when response papers are due, you may have an extension (no more than two days) to hand in your response. Or you can choose to hand in your response paper earlier.

Note on Writing

Topics for the response papers will come from your own observations of the texts and class discussions. In each response paper, select a passage for closer study and expand your reading using evidence from the passage as support. The final essay will involve similar skills but will give you space to develop a more refined thesis and argument based on your reading of the text. For guidelines on how to write a response paper or critical essay, please consult:

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