1 Introduction: Folklore and Print Culture; Links between Oral Tradition and Literary Culture  
2–4 John M. Ellis: One Fairy Story Too Many; Germany in the Age of the Grimms; Perrault and the Written Fairy Tale Tradition  
5–6 Classic Fairy Tales  
7–8 Vladimir Propp: The Russian Folktale  
9–10 Robert Kirk: The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies  
11–13 Bruno Bettelheim: The Uses of Enchantment; Freudian Theory and the Fairy Tale  
14–15 Marie–Louise von Franz, Jungian Theory and the Fairy Tale Essay 1 due two days after Session 15
16–18 The Literary Fairy Tale: Hans Christian Andersen and After  
19–20 Abuse of the Fairy Tale?: The Nazis and German Folklore, Christa Kamenetsky, and Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  
21–22 Classic Angela Carter Stories  
23–25 Liz Lochead: Grimm Sisters  
26 Last Class Essay 2 due two days after Session 26

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