21L.486 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Modern Drama


1 Introduction and Overview  
2 Shaw’s Pygmalion and the Drama of Language  
3 Pygmalion from Page to Screen  
4 Pygmalion, My Fair Lady, and the Musical Drama  
5 Pirandello’s Henry IV and Psychological Relativity  
6 Brecht, Mother Courage and Her Children  
7 Brechtian Politics and Dramaturgy(cont.)  
8 Beckett, Happy Days Essay #1 due
9 Beckett, Pinter, and Domestic Absurdism  
10 Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire  
11 Streetcar, Poetic Realism, and the Method  
12 Hwang, M. Butterfly Essay #1 revision due
13 Wilson, The Piano Lesson  
14 Williams, Hwang, Wilson: American Dreams Essay #2 due
15 Soyinka, Kongi’s Harvest Read your outside play if you haven’t already

Begin planning your final essays

16 Smith, Twilight: Los Angeles, 2002  
17 Twilight Reflections, and Kushner, Angels in America, Part 1  
18 Kushner, Angels in America, Parts 1 and 2  
19 Angels Reflections Outside play reports begin
20 Frayn, Copenhagen, Streetcar  
21 Stoppard, Hapgood  
22 Stoppard Reports (cont.)
23 Churchill, A Number  
24 Conclusions Final essay due

Sample Essays

The work below is presented courtesy of the students, and used with permission.

Roe, David. “The Search for Meaning.” (PDF)

Anonymous student. “Violent and Isolating Potentials of Familial Relationships in Beckett’s Happy Days and Churchill’s A Number.” (PDF)

Lam, Jessica. “Consequences of Anglicizing Gaelic Names.” (PDF)

MIT student. “The Women in Copenhagen and Happy Days.” (PDF)

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