The table below provides information on the weekly topics for the course. Descriptions of the class reports, response and factoid papers are in the assignments section.

WEEK # Topics Key Dates
1 Introductions  

Akhmatova Poems; Discussion and Biography

Film: Aranovich, Semyon. The Anna Achmatova File. 1989.

Class report A due

Response A due

Factoid A due

3 Walt Whitman; T. S. Eliot; William Carlos Williams; Ezra Pound; Hilda Doolittle

Class report B due

Response B due

Factoid B due

4 Wilfred Owen; W. B. Yeats; Siegfried Sassoon; W. H. Auden; Randall Jarrell

Class report C due

Response C due

Factoid C due

5 Robert Lowell, Life Studies

Class report D due

Response D due

Factoid D due

6 Robert Lowell, Life Studies (cont.)

Class report E due

Response E due

Factoid E due

7 Sylvia Plath, Ariel

Class report F due

Response F due

Factoid F due

8 Pablo Neruda, The Heights of Macchu Picchu

Class report G due

Response G due

Factoid G due

9 Hilda Doolittle, Trilogy

Class report H due

Response H due

Factoid H due

10 Elizabeth Bishop, Geography III

Class report I due

Response I due

Factoid I due

11 Czeslaw Milosz, New and Collected Poems Poems: First Third (Poems in Poland in Early Exile in France)

Class report J due

Response J due

Factoid J due

12 Czeslaw Milosz, New and Collected Poems Poems : Second Third (Poems in Exile in France and Early in America)

Class report K due

Response K due

Factoid K due

13 Czeslaw Milosz, New and Collected Poems: Final Third (Poems in America/Old Age)

Class report L due

Response L due

Factoid L due

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