Course Assignments

  1. Attendance and participation in all classes. (20% total) More than 1 absence or repeated lateness will affect the final grade. This also includes:

    Two written weekly questions/comments, on one or more reading from the week’s assignment, directed toward the class for the purposes of stimulating class discussion, and pointing toward particular passages of the reading under discussion. Due Tuesdays in class (not accepted late). Introduction to one of the plays under discussion and its censorship history. This will include a brief bibliography and notes of major points. An example will be provided during Week #2.

  2. Paper: 4-page close reading of assigned passage from Mrs. Warren’s Profession and its relation to the play as a whole. This paper will be revised. (10% / 15% respectively) due in Week #3 and Week #6.

  3. Paper Project (15 pages) in 2 drafts. Discuss a modern or contemporary example of theatrical daring and repression not covered in the course. The paper will focus on a single play or performance as detailed example. You may also choose to focus on a theatrical company and discuss a particular production as exemplary. The project will connect the playwright/group to the rest of the course, in its distinctive approach to negation, repression, and representation, using a minimum of 8 resources, including at least four of the following: scholarly article, scholarly article retrieved from a database, book, Web site, archival material. (15% / 20% respectively) due in Week #10 and Week #13.

    1-page presentation of topic, thesis and research will be presented for class discussion. (5%) due in Week #7.

  4. Presentations: approx. 20 minutes; 2-4 students; (15%): either

    • a 5-minute scene from one of the plays studied in the course followed by a discussion of performance choices and methods, or
    • a presentation on a theatrical production you have attended this semester. This includes a review (typed for submission), a discussion of the theater group and its history, and an analysis of the promotional materials for the production (paper, Web, etc.)

Note: Group must demonstrate that work has been distributed evenly among its members. A proposal of your project, listing participants and describing your presentation in paragraph form, is due by Week #10.

Student Work

Naomi Stein

Final draft (PDF)

(Courtesy of Naomi Stein. Used with permission.)

MIT student

Warrens close reading revision (PDF)

Research paper (PDF)

Childrens hour (PDF)

(Courtesy of MIT Student. Used with permission.)

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