21L.705 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate

Major Authors: Melville and Morrison


Essays/Projects are worth 60% of the final grade: two first essays 15%, final essay/project 30%.


Each student will research a topic and make a 10 minute presentation to the class once during the semester. Your presentation should include a print handout, illustrations (using the multimedia database or materials researched on your own, arranged in print or electronic form), and an outline with bibliography to be handed in.


The written work for the course includes two essays, one on Melville and one on Morrison, and a longer essay/project comparing works by both authors. You will be asked to submit a proposal for the final project, to meet with me in conference, and to present a report to the class in the week of sessions 25-26. Each assignment should include a bibliography showing familiarity with the literary texts themselves and relevant secondary and multimedia texts. Because of the fluid nature of our materials, your final work can take a variety of forms but must center on a written essay.

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