21L.715 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Media in Cultural Context


Program Trade Report

Students are required to track the trade of a program around the world. Select a program, either domestic or foreign produced and detail the trade of this program discussing the country and market of origin and the respective markets the program is sold into. These details will have to be uncovered using a variety of resources, including academic work and trade press (such as Variety and Hollywood Reporter as well as online sources), fan sites and industry discussion. Resources to produce such a study will be discussed in class.

Students will be required to turn in a 3000-word report of their findings in two days after Ses #5. Graduate students are expected to submit 4000 words. This will be worth 20% of the overall grade.

Program Trade Analysis

Following on from the Program trade exercise, students are required to produce a 3000 word analysis of their chosen program utilizing Olson’s 10-point model of narrative transparency discussed in class in week 5. Graduate students are expected to write 4000 words. Applying this analysis will be discussed and demonstrated in class, providing students with a critical understanding of Olson’s argument and an example of applying it to a text.

The program analysis will be due one day after Ses #7. This will be worth 15% of the overall grade, and can be revised and resubmitted.

In-Class Discussion

Based on the material covered in the latter weeks of the course, students are required to lead a 45-minute in-class discussion of one of the 8 World Markets. The readings provided form a basis for this discussion, but students are required to find additional work to supplement and update knowledge about the topic. These additional works can come from academic and non-academic sources (i.e. trade press), but they should include a substantial number of academic resources. This discussion should provide the class with a thorough understanding of the nature of the television trade in the respective market.

Students are required to provide the class with a 3000 word annotated bibliography at the beginning of the session. Graduate students are expected to write 4000 words. The presentation makes up 20% and annotated bibliography make up 15% of the overall grade. They will take place during weeks 11, 12, and 13 of the course.

Discussion Essay

Based on the work prepared for the class-led discussion and working with the annotated bibliography, students are required to produce a discussion essay describing their world market. Students are expected to write 3000 words, graduate students 4000 words. This essay, due two days after Ses #6, will make up 20% of the overall grade.

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