21M.385 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate

Interactive Music Systems


1 Introduction and class overview  
2 Sound, digital audio, pyaudio, Kivy, sine waves, additive synthesis  
3 Exploration Presentation (EP) example. Lab.  
4 Audio files, sampling, looping, resampling, recording Pset 1 due
5 Pset demos. EP1. Lab.  
6 Graphics, rendering, draw primitives, colors, animation, simulation Pset 2 due
7 Pset demos. EP2. Lab.  
8 MIDI, FluidSynth, Scheduling, Metronome Pset 3 due
9 Pset demos. EP3. Lab.  
10 Harmonix Tour  
11 Input devices, controllers, sensors, Kinect, gesture tracking Pset 4 due
12 Pset demos. EP4. Lab.  
13 Music games. Fantasia: Music Evolved play session. Pset 5 due
14 Pset demos. EP5. Final project process / pitch session.  
15 Guitar Hero / Team formation party. Pset 6 due
16 EP7. Guest lecture by Ben Houge.  
17 Project proposal presentations. Pset 7 due
18 Pset demos., EP8. EP9. Project Proposal due
19 Team meetings with instructor.  
20 1st Milestone presentations. Milestone 1 due
21 Team meetings with instructor.  
22 Team meetings with instructor.  
23 2nd Milestone presentations. Milestone 2 due
24 Team meetings with instructor.  
25 Team meetings with instructor.  
26 Final project presentations, part I. Final Project due
27 Final project presentations, part II. Final Project due

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