21M.385 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate

Interactive Music Systems

Lecture Notes and Files

The table below containes the lecture notes and code files for the first half of the course, including files needed for lab sessions and homework assignments. The second half of the course is spent on the team projects.

The Common and Data files listed under Week 1 are needed each week. For some assignments, you will also need to have the Leap Motion SDK files.

WEEK # Lecture Notes Code Files
1 Lecture Notes 1 (PDF)

Week 1 code files (ZIP) (contains 5 .py files)

Common files (ZIP) (contains 23 .py files and 1 .cfg file)

Data files (ZIP - 132MB) (contains 1 .sf2 file and 1 .png file)

Leap Motion SDK files (must be downloaded directly)

2 Lecture Notes 2 (PDF)

Week 2 code files (ZIP) (contains 5 .py files and 1 .txt file)

Common and Data files

3 Lecture Notes 3 (PDF)

Week 3 code files (ZIP) (contains 7 .py files, 3 .png files and 1 .pex file)

Common and Data files

4 Lecture Notes 4 (PDF)

Week 4 code files (ZIP) (contains 4 .py files and 1 txt file)

Common and Data files

5 Lecture Notes 5 (PDF)

Week 5 code files (ZIP) (contains 4 .py files)

Common and Data files

6 Lecture Notes 6 (PDF) No additional files

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