21M.410 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate
Vocal Repertoire and Performance: Women Composers


Students in this term of 21M.410/21M.515 will focus upon the works of Women Composers. Students will gather biographical data and explore art songs, operatic arias, choral masterpieces, and arrangements employing sacred and secular texts. Additionally, students will conduct inquiry into works indicative of their own heritage. The term ends with a class recital.

Examples of papers and the recital program notes are presented courtesy of the students, and used with permission.

Mid-term Papers

“Cecile Chaminade,” by Koyel Bhattacharyya (PDF)

“Nadia Boulanger” by Elaina Cherry (PDF)

“The Life of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel,” by Jodie-Marie Fernandes (PDF)

“Cecile Chaminade,” by Tilke Judd (PDF)

“The Trials and Triumphs of Isabella Colbran” by Barratt Park (PDF)

  • Accompanying outline handout for oral report (PDF)

Heritage Papers

“Mirabai,” by Koyel Bhattacharyya (PDF)

“Florence Beatrice Price” by Jodie-Marie Fernandes (PDF)

“Henriëtte Bosmans,” by Tilke Judd (PDF)

Class Recital

Each student will select three or four works to perform for the class recital at the end of the semester. These selections should represent a cross-section of the works studied throughout the semester. In determining the performance order of the pieces, students may consider language, key signature, and level of vocal difficulty. Students will write program notes for the recital, including biographical information on the composers, poets, lyricists, and librettists, as well as any necessary translations.

Recital Program with Notes (PDF)

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