21M.542 | January IAP 2010 | Undergraduate

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Musical Time

Forums and Concerts

Time as Memory


  • Prof. Peter Child, composer (MIT), moderator
  • Deborah Stein, music theorist (New England Conservatory)
  • Bruce Brubaker, pianist (New England Conservatory)

Includes performance demonstrations of the following works:

Antonín Dvořák. String Quintet in E-flat major, Op. 97 (“American”)
Jennifer Frautschi, violin; Harumi Rhodes, violin; Roger Tapping, viola; Marcus Thompson, viola; Andrew Mark, violincello

Peter Child. Skyscraper Symphony.
Harumi Rhodes, violin; Jennifer Frautschi, violin; Marcus Thompson, viola; Andrew Mark, violincello

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January IAP 2010
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