21M.603 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Principles of Design




Distribution of Scripts for: “Stupid Kids” and “Lysistrata”

Period on Stage, Part 1: Entire Staff

2 Period on Stage, Part 2: Entire Staff  
3 Style on Stage, All the “isms”: Entire Staff  
4 Script Analysis for “Little Red Riding Hood”: Entire Staff  
5 Script Analysis for Lighting  
6 Script Analysis for Costume  
7 Script Analysis for Scenery  

What is Lighting?

Investigation of what light contributes to a theater piece. Discussion of principles and functions of lighting design; how period, genre and style affect it; the choices made in developing a plot and cue synopsis. Assignments: script analysis from the lighting point of view; compilation of an image library chosen for specific lighting qualities; creation and execution of a mini lighting design to the musical selection of the student’s choice.


What is Costume?

Study of silhouette, color and texture combined with careful script analysis will lead to renderings for two or three projects. The complete production process is discussed with attention to research, swatching, purchasing and drawing in support of design.

Final project forms distributed

What is Scenery?

Exploration of mass, color, spatial organization and visual imagery in response to the requirements of three scenes or “psychic spaces.” Color rendering techniques are introduced and renderings are produced in several different media, including uncolored models.

Final project forms due

Final project design proposal statements and preliminary plans for the final project will be discussed: Entire Staff

Presentation of mid-term projects.


Lighting 2

Rendering and Tools of Design: color, cues, areas, specials, washes.

17-18 Costume 2  
19-20 Scenery 2  

Lighting 3

Lighting Project - design lights to a piece of music you choose.

22 Costume 3  
23 Scenery 3  

Technical Direction and the Design Process

An examination of how construction is affected by the director’s concept and design decisions.


Collaboration/Concept Group

Constructing a production concept in collaboration via brainstorming; finding a personal “take” on a script.

26 Project Presentation Final project due

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