21M.606 | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Stagecraft


MK = Mike Katz, Technical Director
LH = Leslie Held, Costuming
DB = Diane Brainerd, Costume Shop Supervisor
SB = Sara Brown, Scenery
KP = Karen Perlow, Lighting

1 Intro to production All Set Shop

Theater production (PDF)

Rules and regulations

2 Scenic construction 1: flats and platforms MK Set Shop Scenic units (PDF)
3 Scenic construction 2: scenic materials MK Set Shop

Materials (PDF)

Theatrical lumber weights and dimensions (PDF)

Quiz: scenic

4 Theater vocabulary and architecture MK/SB Little Theatre

Theater vocabulary (PDF)

Theater terms for the stagehand (PDF)

5 Scenic construction 3: moving scenery and intro to the set shop MK Set Shop

Moving scenery and intro to the shop (PDF)

Quiz: vocabulary

6 Puppet workshop (2 evenings) Guest Set Shop Attendance is optional
REPA job fair   Boston
7 Scenic construction 4: safety in the set shop MK Set Shop

Hand and power tool safety (PDF)

Power Tool Institute

Quiz: scenic

8 Scenic construction 5: set shop tool use MK Set Shop  
9 Costume construction 1 LH/DB Costume Shop Quiz: scenic
10 Costume construction 2 LH/DB Costume Shop Final project proposals due
11 Costume construction 3 LH/DB Costume Shop Quiz: costume
12 Midterm presentations All Classroom  
13 Costume construction 4 LH/DB Costume Shop Quiz: costume
14 Costume construction 5 LH/DB Costume Shop  
15 Lighting 1 KP Little Theatre  
16 Lighting 2 KP Little Theatre  
17 Knots and rigging MK Set Shop

Knots (PDF)

Quiz: lights

18 Scene painting 1 SB Paint Deck Paint clothes required!
19 Scene painting 2 SB Paint Deck

Paint clothes required!

Quiz: painting/knots

20 Scene painting 3 SB Paint Deck Paint clothes required!
21 Drafting for the theater KP, MK, SB Classroom Quiz: painting
22 Stage management SB/MK Classroom Stage managing manual (PDF - 2.5MB) (Courtesy of Teresa Hernandez. Use with permission.)
23 Design seminar All Classroom Quiz: drafting/stage management
24 Sound 1: production MK Classroom  
25 Sound 2: playback MK Classroom  
26 Studio day     Work on final projects!
27 Final presentations All Classroom  

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