21M.675 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate

Dance Theory and Composition


Several student projects were filmed for this course. Please see the corresponding descriptions of these assignments.

Word Phrase

James Tolbert
Video: (MP4 - 14MB)

Lisa Walters
Video: (MP4 - 8MB)

MIT Student
Video: (MP4 - 9MB)

Name Map Phrase

Jazlyn Carvajal
Video: (MP4 - 6MB)

Image Map

MIT Student, James Tolbert, and Lisa Walters. Created by MIT Student.
Video: (MP4 - 13MB)

Jazlyn Carvajal and James Tolbert. Created by Lisa Walters.
Video: (MP4 - 23MB)

Lisa Walters, James Tolbert, and MIT Student. Created by Jazlyn Carvajal.
Video: (MP4 - 22MB)

All music created and performed by Akili Jamal Haynes.

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