21M.710 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate

Script Analysis


All examples are courtesy of MIT students and are used with permission.


Each paper should be 8–10 pages.


Paper 1:

Discuss a professional production of a play that the student has read before he or she saw it. Discuss what was available through the production that was not available through the reading.

Discussions of the play “Next Fall” by Geoffrey Nauffts.

Student #1 (PDF)

Student #2 (PDF)

Paper 2:

Discuss a different play by a playwright we have already read. Analyze the script with the principles that have been discussed in class.

Discussion of the play “The Wild Duck” by Henrik Ibsen (PDF)

Discussion of the play “Roundheads and Peakheads” by Bertolt Brecht (PDF)

Final Project

The final project will be a response to any one of the plays we have discussed. This can take the form of a design project, a scene performance, an original play that responds to a previous play, a screen or television adaptation, etc.

Each project will be presented to the class, and each project will be accompanied by a paper (10–15 pages), discussing how you utilized the principles of script analysis in your project.

Students may collaborate on these projects. If the project was collaborative, each member of the collaboration must submit a paper.

An example:

A costume design project for Jean Genet’s The Blacks (PDF)


At the end of the semester, each student will be required to submit a paper (5-7 pages) evaluating the course, reviewing their work in the course, and recording their grade.

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