21M.735 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate

Technical Design: Scenery, Mechanisms, and Special Effects


1 Introduction, Basic Terminology, Scope  
2 Organization for Production  
3 Special Effects: Lighting  
4 Materials for Production Organization for production tech note due
5 Scenic Mechanisms: Rigging  
6 Scenery: Flats  

Scenery: Decks and Stairs

Design Symposium: Design for the Theater

Materials for production tech note due

Flattage tech note due

8 Scenery: Drops and Softgoods

Decks and stairs tech note due

Drops and softgoods tech note due

9 Scenery: Three Dimensional  
10 Scenery: Paint, Doors, Molding, Finishes Initial final project proposal due
11 Scenery: Structural Analysis  
12 Scenery: Wrap Up and Miscellany

3 dimenensional scenery tech note due

Paint and finishes tech note due

Structural analysis tech note due

Scenery tech note due

13 Scenic Mechanisms: Rigging  
14 Scenic Mechanisms: Rigging (cont.) Theatrical rigging tech note due
15 Scenic Mechanisms: Rolling Units Revised final project proposal due
16 Scenic Mechanisms: Turntables  
17 Scenic Mechanisms: Turntables (cont.)

Rolling unit tech note due

Turntable tech note due

Motors and drives tech note due

18 Scenic Mechanisms: Pneumatics, Hydraulics  

Scenic Mechanisms: Electrical Power

Final Project Presentation

Pneumatics and hydraulics tech note due

Electrical tech note due

Scenic mechanisms tech note due

20 Scenic Mechanisms: Wrap Up and Miscellany  
21 Special Effects: Traditional Effects  
22 Special Effects: Projection

Traditional effects tech note due

Projection tech note due

23 Special Effects: Pyro and Fog/Mist

Lighting effects tech note due

Pyrotechnics tech note due

Atmospherics tech note due

Special effects tech note due

24 Special Effects: Wrap Up and Miscellany  
25 Final Project Presentation Final project due

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