21M.785 | Spring 2012 | Undergraduate

Playwrights' Workshop

Playwrights in Performance


Each spring, Professor Alan Brody selects a small number of student-written one-act plays to develop in a workshop setting. Priority goes to students who are or who have been members of the Playwrights’ Workshop 21M.785, but anyone can submit scripts. Requests for submission go out at the beginning of the spring semester. Announcement of the plays selected and auditions occur just before spring break. Rehearsals begin immediately after spring break, and the performance occurs in early May.

Playwrights in Performance gives young playwrights the opportunity to follow their scripts through the production process and work closely with actors and directors on revisions. It gives actors the opportunity to work on the creation of new roles and technicians the chance to work as part of an ensemble. Playwrights in Performance gives audiences the opportunity to discover and support new talent.

Requirements For 21M.785 Students

Playwrights in Performance is designed as a lab to give all the participants in this course the experience of the process of play development beyond the reading stage through the rehearsal process and performance. Everyone in the Playwrights’ Workshop is required to participate in the production in some capacity, whether or not your play is being done. It is considered your lab requirement for the course.

Examples of Scripts Produced in 21M.785

These scripts are presented courtesy of the authors and are used with permission.

“When Yoshimi Gets Married” (PDF - 2.8MB) by Yu Hasegawa-Johnson

“Zero-Eleven” (PDF - 4.4MB) by Ivana Komarcevic

“Times Change” (PDF - 1.3MB) by Carlos A. Rabell

“Taking a Math Test” (PDF) by Mark Velednitsky

“Midnight” (PDF) by Hui Ying Wen

“Afterlife Shoes” (PDF - 4MB) by Tim Wilson

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